C2M Strategy

Fosun C2M Strategy

Centered around family customers, Fosun C2M strategy provides high quality products and services to innovate a global happiness ecosystem rooted in China. The strategy is designed to enable seamless connection and mutual empowerment between customers (the C-end) and makers (the M-end) through precisely addressing family customers’ demands and pain points. A range of advanced technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things (IoT) are applied to analyze user profile, reshape the supply chain, and facilitate the introduction and innovation of products. As a result, makers can promptly respond to and meet customers’ personalized demands on a larger scale at a lower cost thanks to industrialization and provide consumers with health, happiness and wealth solutions to live a happy life. Through technology leadership, Fosun strives to comprehensively enhance the product capability and competitiveness of the C2M happiness ecosystem to maximize customer value, creating a better life for global families and get involved in shaping a new era.


As an implementation of Fosun C2M strategy, Youlè Customer Loyalty Program (“Youlè”) will further help Fosun to reach global family customers effectively, optimize the matching of family customers at the C-end with high quality products and services at the M-end, and continue to provide ultimate consumption experiences for global families. Fosun’s data-empowered ecosystem provides each member with a basic framework and standard services, to maximize the synergy value of Fosun and offer more health and happiness options for a happy family life.


Youlè Customer Loyalty Program

The Youlè Customer Loyalty Program is a one-stop service portal of Fosun C2M strategy. Based on the happy family lifestyle envisioned by Fosun C2M ecosystem, Fosun is dedicated to creating a unique family membership loyalty program featuring point redemption, integrated benefits, personalized incentives and convenient consumption experience, thus making one-stop service of C2M ecosystem and the One Fosun concept a reality.

Youlè Customer Loyalty Program primarily focuses on how to integrate all scenarios simply by one-click login, and increase family user’s stickiness through sharing of massive benefits. Business scenarios such as Fosun hospitals and tourism providers will be connected to the Youlè so that customers can enjoy corresponding benefits; secondly, a user loyalty program will be built through provision of benefits and marketing campaigns. Precise high-value services enabled by big data will be significantly enhanced so as to provide customers with more personalized consumption options. Business intelligence can support dimensional analysis in aspects including customer value model, consumption hierarchy, category/brand preference, consumption time preference, thus increasing cross-selling and average transaction value; moreover, digital channeling of user traffic can facilitate innovation at the M-end. We can provide new products based on members’ needs, and introduce new M-ends through the C-end, while breeding new C2M species based on massive flow of customer data.